Knights of Pythagoras (KOP)

The Order of the Knights of Pythagoras program is a youth program for boys between the ages of 6-18 under the sponsorship and personal supervision of Prince Hall Masons. In Maryland, the program's responsibility is to ensure that our youth are taught three basic skills that will assist them in their journey from boyhood to manhood. Theses skills are leadership, responsibility, and brotherhood

History of the Knights of Pythagoras

1938 - This movement, originally the Chivalric Order of Knight Companions, was commenced by Mason representing the Grand Jurisdiction of Kansas and Colorado, in a conference held 19 November 1938. 

1951 - The program was adopted for universal use in the Grand Jurisdiction of Prince Hall Masons and dispersed throughout the United States under the name "The Order of the Knights of Pythagoras" at the National Conference of Grand Masters of Prince Hall Masons, under the leadership of Grand Master Amos T. Hall, President, in Denver, Colorado. (8-10 May 1951)

1995 - The late Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Honorable Samuel T. Daniels, Sr., began the KOP Youth Program in the Maryland jurisdiction. He named R.W. Brother Earl H. Matthews as State Director to start the program for Jurisdiction of Maryland.  Fifteen councils were established to include one in Germany. Program is then transferred to R.W. Brother Novell Washington.

2010 - R.W. Brother Novell Washington guided the program until 2010. It is during this period, the Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Honorable Shelton D. Redden, decided that the Knights of Pythagoras Should serve as a mentoring program for the youth and the various districts throughout the state.

2022 to Present - Continuing with the same theme, Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Honorable Noel C. Osborne, Sr. indicated his desire that we train our Youth in Leadership, Responsibility, and Brotherhood

What is a Youth Knight? 

What is a Sir Knight? 

How to become a Youth Knight?

It is not necessity for a young male to be the son or a relative of a Mason to be eligible for membership. Any male who has passed their sixth birthday and are of good character may petition the Council of the Knights of Pythagoras for membership. It is importantant to know that this organization is not a Junior Masonic Order but a mentorship program for young males under Masonic supervision.

For more information, use the contact us below to the attention to one of the 2nd Masonic District in Frederick, Maryland's representatives:

Parents Club

While active Masons play a huge part of KOP, there are opportunities for parents to assist the council in areas such as: